Bessborough Burials

Below are 55 children and two mothers who we were able to find a resting place for in St. Joseph’s Cemetery, Cork. This was done with help from Carmel Cantwell of Bessborough Missing and all information below is a transcription from information held by Cork Archives (who have given Project Infant permission to reproduce said information and make available here.)

There is one child who was buried in St. Finbarr’s Cemetery whose burial information has been noted on the entry page here.

[Note, date format is MM/DD/YYYY]

EntryOwner of Grave / VaultName of DeceasedPlace of DeathAgeDate of DeathCause of DeathFuneral:SectionRowGraveDate of recorded entryRegistrar
648P. G. (poor ground)Nora CroninSacred Heart Home4 months12/30/1922Natural5 o’clock on Saturday the 30thP.G.1/2/1923D. Dennehy
733P. G. (poor ground)Patrick Creedon5 months3/5/1923Natural10 o’clock on Wednesday the 7thP.G.3/7/1923D. Dennehy
767P. G. (poor ground)John CoughlanBessboro1 month3/26/1923Natural10 o’clock on Tuesday the 27thP.G.3/31/1923D. Dennehy
821P. G. (poor ground)Maureen DalyBessboro14 months4/25/1923Natural10 o’clock on Thursday the 26thP.G.4/26/1923D. Dennehy
861P. G. (poor ground)Patrick MahonyBessboro11 months5/23/1923Natural3 o’clock on Wednesday the 23rdP.G.5/24/1923D. Dennehy
864P. G. (poor ground)Patrick SullivanBessboro9 weeks5/28/1923Natural4 o’clock on Monday the 28thP.G.5/28/1923D. Dennehy
1184P. G. (poor ground)Denis CarrollBessboro5 weeks11/18/1923Natural2 o’clock on Monday the 19thP.G.2/27/1924D. Dennehy
1281P. G. (poor ground)Kate CroninBessboro6 weeks3/29/1924Natural12 o’clock on Monday the 31stP.G.4/3/1924D. Dennehy
1460P. G. (poor ground)Patrick SantryBessboro21 weeks7/24/1924Natural3 o’clock on Friday the 25thP.G.7/31/1924D. Dennehy
38P. G. (poor ground)Richard O’MahonyBessboro3 months10/7/1924Natural6 o’clock on Tuesday the 7thP.G.10/8/1924D. Dennehy
51P. G. (poor ground)Hannah Sherlock (Grogan)Bessboro6 weeks10/22/1924Natural4 o’clock on Wednesday the 22ndP.G.10/22/1924D. Dennehy
57P. G. (poor ground)Daniel O’ConnorBessboro10 weeks10/28/1924Natural5 o’clock on Tuesday the 28thP.G.10/28/1924D. Dennehy
82P. G. (poor ground)John O’ConnorBessboro5 months11/21/1924Natural4 o’clock on Friday the 21stP.G.11/21/1924D. Dennehy
160P. G. (poor ground)John WalshBessboro6 weeks1/28/1925Natural12 o’clock on Thursday the 29thP.G.1/30/1925D. Dennehy
161P. G. (poor ground)Mary O’LearyBessboro11 weeks1/28/1925Natural12 o’clock on Thursday the 29thP.G.1/30/1925D. Dennehy
436P. G. (poor ground)Mary GibbonsBessboro3 months9/10/1925Natural3 o’clock on Friday the 11thP.G.9/15/1925D. Dennehy
439P. G. (poor ground)Mary MurphyBessboro4.5 months9/18/1925Natural11 o’clock on Friday the 19thP.G.9/19/1925D. Dennehy
476P. G. (poor ground)Mary KeaneBessboro11 weeks10/8/1925Natural11 o’clock on Friday the 9thP.G.10/12/1925D. Dennehy
478P. G. (poor ground)Elizabeth WalshBessboro4.5 months10/13/1925Natural2 o’clock on Tuesday the 13thP.G.10/13/1925D. Dennehy
487P. G. (poor ground)Philip DonovanBessboro13 weeks10/27/1925Natural12 o’clock on Tuesday the 27thP.G.10/29/1925D. Dennehy
549P. G. (poor ground)Bridget GradyBessboro9 months12/7/1925Natural12 o’clock on Monday the 7thP.G.12/10/1925D. Dennehy
641P. G. (poor ground)Patrick McCarthyBessboro4 months2/14/1926Natural3 o’clock on Monday the 15thP.G.2/15/1926D. Dennehy
649P. G. (poor ground)Bridget HopeBessboro10 months2/22/1926Natural11 o’clock on Monday the 22ndP.G.2/25/1926D. Dennehy
699P. G. (poor ground)Patrick KielyBessboro14 months3/12/1926Natural3 o’clock on Saturday the 13thP.G.4/1/1926D. Dennehy
820P. G. (poor ground)John PhelanBessboro1 year 11 months5/20/1926Natural3 o’clock on Friday the 21stP.G.6/3/1926D. Dennehy
831P. G. (poor ground)James NeenanBessboro11 months6/9/1926Natural4 o’clock on Wednesday the 9thP.G.6/9/1926D. Dennehy
850P. G. (poor ground)Patrick Roffiter (Rossiter)Bessboro5 months6/16/1926Natural3 o’clock on Wednesday the 16thP.G.6/23/1926D. Dennehy
898P. G. (poor ground)Mary DonovanBessboro5 weeks7/28/1926Natural3 o’clock on Monday the 26thP.G.7/26/1926D. Dennehy
936P. G. (poor ground)John DonovanBessboro4 months8/28/1926Natural4 o’clock on Saturday the 28thP.G.9/2/1926D. Dennehy
936P. G. (poor ground)John HarringtonBessboro6 months8/28/1926Natural4 o’clock on Saturday the 28thP.G.9/2/1926D. Dennehy
937P. G. (poor ground)Kathleen CollinsBessboro7 months8/29/1926Natural11 o’clock on Sunday the 29thP.G.9/2/1926D. Dennehy
938P. G. (poor ground)Philomena O’BrienBessboro11 months8/23/1926Natural1 o’clock on Monday the 30thP.G.9/2/1926D. Dennehy
985P. G. (poor ground)Bridget JoyceBessboro2 months9/30/1926Natural11 o’clock on Friday the 31stP.G.10/2/1926D. Dennehy
1090P. G. (poor ground)Thomas HaberlinBessboro4 months12/16/1926Natural3 o’clock on Friday the 17thP.G.12/23/1926D. Dennehy
1135P. G. (poor ground)Gerald WalshBessboro3 months12/30/1926NaturalFriday the 31stP.G.1/14/1927D. Dennehy
1237P. G. (poor ground)Kathleen BrackettBessboro5 months2/23/1927NaturalThursday the 24thP.G.3/5/1927D. Dennehy
1280P. G. (poor ground)Christopher WrightBessboro3 months3/12/1927Natural3 o’clock on Saturday the 12thP.G.3/31/1927D. Dennehy
1281P. G. (poor ground)Mary PowerBessboro10 months3/18/1927NaturalFriday the 18thP.G.3/31/1927D. Dennehy
1282P. G. (poor ground)Josephine HobanBessboro7 months3/25/1927NaturalFriday the 25thP.G.3/31/1927D. Dennehy
1292P. G. (poor ground)William EganBessboro11 months4/4/1927Natural4 o’clock on Tuesday the 5thP.G.4/7/1927D. Dennehy
1306P. G. (poor ground)James MurphyBessboro9 months4/12/1927Natural4 o’clock on Tuesday the 12thP.G.4/13/1927D. Dennehy
1356P. G. (poor ground)Mary O’ConnorBessboro2 months5/20/1927Natural12 o’clock on Saturday the 21stP.G.5/23/1927D. Dennehy
1404P. G. (poor ground)Peter McCarthyBessboro3 years7/16/1927Natural3 o’clock on Saturday the 16thP.G.7/21/1927D. Dennehy
1413P. G. (poor ground)Kate NolanBessboro7 weeks7/22/1927Natural3 o’clock on Saturday the 23rdP.G.7/27/1927D. Dennehy
P. G. (poor ground)Margaret O’ReganBessboro6 weeks8/24/1927NaturalP.G.
P. G. (poor ground)Denis O’NeillBessboro9 months9/9/1927NaturalP.G.9/21/1927D. Dennehy
P. G. (poor ground)Mary Josephine LuskeBessboro5 months9/21/1927NaturalP.G.9/23/1927D. Dennehy
P. G. (poor ground)Ann (Annie) TyrellBessboro10/17/1927NaturalP.G.D. Dennehy
P. G. (poor ground)Catherine TobinBessboro3 months10/17/1927NaturalP.G.10/21/1927D. Dennehy
Rev. Mother, BessboroBridget McCarthyBessboro23 years11/22/1927NaturalB. St. Dominick12/9/1927D. Dennehy
Rev. Mother, Sacred Heart ConventMichael ThompsonBessboro2 months12/19/1927NaturalB. St. Dominick12/21/1927D. Dennehy
Not GivenJoseph CodyBessboro5 months3/10/1928NaturalP.G.3/23/1928D. Dennehy
BessboroJoseph GraceBessboro5/28/1928NaturalB. St. Dominick6/1/1928D. Dennehy
Rev. Mother SuperiorJohn GraceBessboro6 weeks6/22/1928NaturalB. St. Dominick6/25/1928D. Dennehy
Mother SuperiorJohn SwantonBessboro2 months6/26/1928NaturalB. St. Dominick7/5/1928D. Dennehy
Sacred Heart HomeCatherine (Kate) O’BrienSacred Heart Home25 years7/27/1929NaturalB. St. Dominick7/30/1929D. Dennehy