About Project Infant

My name is Daniel Loftus. When I’m not working on Project Infant, you’ll find me working on my genealogical pursuits. Keep up with those things below.

Welcome to Project Infant

I started Project Infant after discovering that my mother was born in a mother and baby home, in her case: Bessborough. It made me remember all of the mothers and babies who unfortunately died in these homes. This site and searchable database of individuals is a tribute to ensure that their memory lives on.

How does this site work?

I create a page for each individual and link any family members together. When it says on the site “Family Info” that’ll only include other people in the database who I’ve been able to determine the relationship for. The death certificates are not mine, they are linked to IrishGenealogy.ie (created by the Irish government) so all of this info I have obtained is from there and is linked appropriately. There will be more things added to the site in the future so please follow the accounts for Project Infant on our landing page here. Finally, if you spot an error with regards to an incorrect link i.e. if it takes you to a Mary Sullivan when it should be a Mary Smyth, please let me know. I can easily make mistakes and if I know about them, I can rectify them! To do this see this page.