Born in Kilrush (1922)

Below is a list of births in 1922 found in Kilrush Nursery. Please contact me if you’d like me to conduct research on one of the names below. To use this list, it is in date order. Use Ctrl + F (Windows) / Cmd + F (Mac) to find a name.

[Names in bold that are hyperlinked are ones matched with deaths of infants in Kilrush.]

No.NameDate of BirthLink
1James FitzgibbonFebruary 9th 1922Link
2Mary CorcoranFebruary 12th 1922Link
3Patrick NevinMarch 19th 1922Link
4Vincent FahyApril 26th 1922Link
5Margaret MoroneyApril 27th 1922Link
6Mary CrehanMay 23rd 1922Link
7Michael MoloneyJune 3rd 1922Link
8John ClearyJune 15th 1922Link
9John HickeyJune 18th 1922Link
10Brigid RyanJune 20th 1922Link
11Thomas GalvinJuly 25th 1922Link
12Ellen LoganAugust 27th 1922Link
13Michael HalloranAugust 28th 1922Link
14John JordanSeptember 19th 1922Link
15Mary KildeaSeptember 25th 1922Link
16Michael O’LoughlinSeptember 29th 1922Link
17Martin Joseph GriffinOctober 19th 1922Link
18Claire HeathOctober 22nd 1922Link
19Martha CahirOctober 28th 1922Link
20Mary MaherOctober 30th 1922Link
21James GriffinNovember 10th 1922Link
22Joseph McMahonNovember 21st 1922Link
23John CampbellDecember 2nd 1922Link
24Mary KeaneDecember 6th 1922Link
25Thomas MoroneyDecember 7th 1922Link
26Christina ReidyDecember 11th 1922Link
27Mary MarkhamDecember 12th 1922Link
28John McInerneyDecember 15th 1922Link
29Thomas McInerneyDecember 15th 1922Link
30Martin CostelloDecember 22nd 1922Link
31Patrick McDonaghDecember 28th 1922Link