St. Mary’s Home, Tuam

The names below were found originally by historian Catherine Corless, who has given Project Infant permission to reproduce these names and put them on the our website. Thanks to reporter Alison O’Reilly for giving me a copy of these names and to Breeda Murphy for helping with adding more mothers’ names to the site.


Atkinson, Mary


Baker, Martin
Bane, Martin Frances
Bane, Teresa
Barret, Winifred
Barrett, Evelyn
Beegan, Ellen
Begley, Annie
Begley, Christopher Martin
Begley, Thomas Joseph
Bell, Baby Boy
Bennett, Paul Dominick
Bernard, Madeline
Birmingham, Mary
Blake, Mary
Bodkin, James Joseph
Boyle, Mary Ann
Boyle, Michael
Brennan, Mary
Brennan, Mary
Brennan, Mary
Brennan, Patrick Joseph
Broderick, Margaret Rose
Broderick, Mary Ann
Brown, Kathleen
Browne, Mary
Browne, Stephen Noel
Buckley, Thomas Alphonsus
Burke, Bridget
Burke, Christina
Burke, Christopher
Burke, Christopher
Burke, Joseph Anthony
Burke, Mary
Burke, Mary
Burke, Mary Christina
Burke, Mary Philomena
Burke, Patricia
Burke, Patrick
Burke, Patrick
Burke, Sarah Mary
Butler, Eileen
Byrne, Antony
Byrne, Baby Girl
Byrne, Joseph
Byrne, Joseph
Byrne, Joseph
Byrne, Mary Philomena


Cafferky, Anthony
Cafferky, Mary
Cahill, Mary Kate
Callanan, John Patrick
Callinan, John
Canavan, Agnes
Cannon, Kathleen
Carey, Margaret
Carney, Baby Boy
Carney, Bridget
Carr, John Joseph
Carr, Nora
Carroll, Francis
Carroll, Mary Patricia
Carroll, Sara Ann
Carroll, Sarah
Carter, Pauline
Carty, John
Carty, John
Carty, Mary
Casey, Michael
Casey, Peter
Cassidy, Martin
Christian, Peter Paul
Cloherty, Mary
Clohessy, Joseph
Cloran, Kathleen
Cloran, Thomas
Cloran, Thomas Patrick
Coady, Eileen
Coady, Patrick Joseph
Coen, Annie
Coen, Annie
Coen, Anthony
Coen, Joseph
Coen, Julia
Coen, Margaret Mary
Coen, Patrick Thomas
Coleman, Patrick Joseph
Collins, Bridget
Collins, Eileen
Collins, Geraldine
Collins, Thomas
Colohan, Joseph Augustine
Colohan, Mary Josephine
Concannon, Margaret Nuala
Concannon, Michael
Coneely, Bridget
Connaire, Margaret
Connaughton, Gerard Martin
Connaughton, Mary Teresa
Conneely, Anne
Conneely, Dolores
Conneely, Florence
Conneely, John
Conneely, Margaret Bridget
Conneely, Nora
Conneely, William
Connell, Mary Kate
Connelly, John
Connelly, John
Connelly, Thomas
Connolly, Annie
Connolly, Mary
Connolly, Mary
Connolly, Mary
Connolly, Mary
Connolly, Nora Teresa
Connolly, Stephen
Conole, Mary
Conroy, Alfred
Conroy, Eileen
Conway, Mary Anne
Cooke, Anthony
Cooke, Margaret Elizabeth
Corcoran, Annie
Corcoran, Patrick
Corrigan, Kathleen
Cosgrave, Helena
Cosgrove, Martin
Costelloe, Mary Joyce*
Costelloe, Patrick
Coy, Francis
Coyne, Annie
Coyne, George
Coyne, John
Coyne, Martin
Coyne, Mary
Crealy, Mary Frances
Creaven, John
Crehan, Mary Josephine
Creshal, John
Cuffe, Kathleen Veronica
Cullen, Mary Kate
Cullinane, Nora
Cummins, Julia
Cummins, Teresa
Cunnane, Vincent
Cunniffe, Geraldine
Cunniffe, Mary Finola
Cunniffe, Teresa
Cunningham, Baby Boy
Cunningham, Bridget
Cunningham, Catherine
Cunningham, Joseph
Cunningham, Kate
Cunningham, Mary
Curley, Annie
Curran, Mary*
Curran, Patrick J.


Daly, Angela
Daly, Kathleen
Davey, Mary
Deane, Anthony
Deasy, Margaret Mary
Dempsey, Joseph
Dempsey, Michael Francis
Dermody, John
Derrane, Patrick
Devaney, Mary
Devaney, Mary Anne
Devany, Mary
Devine, Catherine
Devine, Kathleen
Dillon, Anne Teresa
Dolan, Angela
Dolan, John Desmond
Dolan, Margaret
Donelan, Thomas
Donellan, Annie Josephine
Donellan, Michael
Donlan, Mary Collette
Donnellan, Teresa
Donohue, Anthony
Donohue, Kathleen
Donohue, Margaret
Doocey, Thomas
Dooley, Teresa
Doorhy, Margaret
Dowd, Donald
Druary, Mary Teresa
Duffy, Nora
Duffy, Thomas
Dunn, Joseph
Dunne, Patricia
Dunne, Patricia
Durkan, Brendan
Dwyer, Michael Francis


Egan, Brendan
Egan, Catherine Anne
Egan, Mary
Egan, Mary Teresa
Egan, Patrick
Egan, Patrick Dominic
Egan, Vincent
Ellesmere, Kenneth Anthony


Fahey, Mary Kate
Fahy, Anne Marian
Fahy, Annie
Fahy, Elizabeth
Fahy, James
Fahy, Joseph
Fahy, Margaret Mary
Fahy, Michael Joseph
Fahy, Patrick
Fallon, Baby Boy
Fallon, Eileen
Farnan, Nora Teresa
Farragher, Vincent
Farrell, Mary
Farrell, Patrick Joseph
Feeney, John Raymond
Feeney, Martin Joseph
Feeney, Michael Edward
Ferguson, Joseph
Finegan, Joseph
Finegan, Mary Anne
Finn, Mary
Finn, Michael
Finn, Vincent
Finnegan, Anthony
Finnegan, Bridget
Finnegan, Josephine
Finnegan, Mary Margaret
Fitzmaurice, Kate
Fitzpatrick, Patrick Joseph
Flaherty, Bridget Mary
Flaherty, Joseph
Flaherty, Joseph
Flaherty, Mary
Flaherty, Mary
Flaherty, Mary
Flaherty, Mary Josephine
Flaherty, Mary Margaret
Flaherty, Patrick
Flaherty, Thomas
Flaherty, Walter
Flanagan, Martin
Flannery, Patrick Brendan
Flattery, John
Fleming, Annie
Fleming, Mary Martina
Flynn, Philomena
Flynn, Sheila Madeline
Folan, Annie
Folan, Joseph
Folan, Michael
Folan, Peter Bernard
Folan, Simon Thomas
Folan/Wallace, Barbara
Foley, Bridget
Forde, Baby Girl
Forde, Eileen
Forde, John
Forde, Mary J.
Fraser, Edward
Frayne, James


Gagen, Margaret Mary
Gallagher, Nora
Gallagher, Patrick
Galvin, Bridget
Gannon, Michael
Gardiner, Paul
Garvey, John
Garvey, Mary
Garvey, Mary Josephine
Garvey, Patrick
Gaughan, James
Gavaghan, Vincent
Gavin, Dermot
Gavin, George
Gavin, Joseph
Geraghty, Bridget
Geraghty, Joseph
Geraghty, Vincent
Gibbons, Ellen
Gibbons, Thomas
Giblin, Mary Bridget
Gilchrist, Kathleen
Gillespie, Winifred
Gilmore, Catherine
Gilmore, Michael John
Gleeson, Joan
Glenane, Bridget
Glennan, William
Glynn, Annie Maria
Glynn, Baby Boy
Glynn, Bridget
Glynn, Gertrude
Glynn, Kathleen
Glynn, Margaret
Glynn, Mary Josephine
Goldrick, Bridget
Gorham, Patrick
Gormley, Jane
Gould, Martin
Grady, Mary
Grealish, Patrick
Grealish, Teresa
Greally, Christina Martha
Greally, John
Grehan, John Joseph
Grier, Mary
Griffin, Matthew
Grogan, Bridget
Guilfoyle, Mary Kate


Halloran, Imelda
Halloran, Stephen
Halpin, Patrick
Hanley, Alphonsus
Hanley, Martin
Hanley, Michael
Hannon, Joseph
Hannon, Martin N.
Hannon, Patrick
Hardiman, Bridget
Hardiman, Patrick
Hargraves, Simon John
Harrington, Patrick
Harrison, Catherine
Hastings, Baby Boy
Haugh, Baby Boy
Healy, Celia
Healy, John Francis
Healy, Martin
Healy, Philomena
Heaney, Francis Martin
Heffernan, Peter Joseph
Hefferon, Joseph
Hegarty, Patrick
Hehir, Thecla Monica
Heneghan, Anne
Heneghan, Kathleen
Heneghan, Teresa
Hennelly, Keiran
Henry, James
Henry, Margaret
Henry, Martin Dermott
Hession, Kathleen
Hibbett, Mary Bernadette
Hickey, Mary
Higgins, Catherine
Higgins, Margaret
Higgins, Mary
Higgins, Patricia Christina
Hill, Laurence
Hoban, Patrick Joseph
Hoey, Joseph
Hogan, Gerard Christopher
Holden, Anne
Holland, Bridgid
Holland, Margaret
Holland, Oliver
Hollohan, Patrick
Hopkins, John Joseph
Horan, Margaret
Howard, Nora Mary
Howley, Catherine
Hughes, Martin
Hurley, Brigid
Hurney, Margaret
Hyland, Antony
Hynes, Fabian
Hynes, Julia
Hynes, Kathleen
Hynes, Nora
Hynes, Patrick
Hynes, Patrick Joseph



Jordan, Agustine
Jordan, Mary Margaret
Jordan, Patrick Joseph
Jordan, Walter
Joyce, Anne
Joyce, Christopher John
Joyce, Mary Bridget
Joyce, Mary Martyna
Joyce, Mary Teresa
Joyce, Mary Teresa
Joyce, Patrick
Joyce, Paul
Joynt, Stephen
Judge, Mary Teresa
Judge, Patricia


Kane, James
Keane, Beatrice
Keane, John
Keane, John Joseph
Keane, Mary
Keane, Mary Kate
Keane, Michael Gerard
Keane, Michael Joseph
Keaney, Bridget
Kearney, John
Kearns, Catherine Teresa
Kearns, Kevin
Keaveney, Patrick
Kelly, Baby Boy
Kelly, Catherine
Kelly, James
Kelly, John
Kelly, John
Kelly, John Joseph
Kelly, Julia
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Michael J.
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Patrick
Kelly, Patrick
Kennedy, Catherine Bridget
Kennedy, Christopher
Kennedy, Mary
Kennedy, Mary Christina
Kennedy, Patrick Joseph
Kennedy, Patrick Joseph
Kennelly, Joseph
Kennelly, Martin Jarlath
Kenny, Bridget Agatha
Kenny, Maureen
Keogh, Mary
Keogh, Vincent
Keville, Mary
Kiely, Mary
Kilbane, Edward Desmond
Kilkelly, Martin
Killeen, Patrick Joseph
Kilmartin, John
Kinahan, Francis
King, Mary
King, Mary
King, Rose Anne


Laffey, Bernard
Laffey, Patrick
Lally, Anthony
Lally, Bridget
Lally, John Joseph
Lally, Peter
Lane, Mary Margaret
Lane, Patrick
Langan, Joseph
Larkin, Brendan
Larkin, Martin Andrew
Larkin, Mary
Larkin, Mary Bridget
Larkin, Mary Josephine
Larkin, Winifred
Lavelle, John
Lavin, Patrick
Lawless, Ellen
Leech, Bernadette
Leech, Christopher
Leech, Mary Nuala
Lenane, Owen
Lenihan, Mary Frances
Leonard, Harry
Leonard, James
Leonard, Patrick
Lestrange, George
Linnan, Bridget Josephine
Linnane, Margaret
Linnane, Michael
Linnane, Stephen
Linnane, Thomas
Loftus, John Patrick
Logue, Mary Philomena
Lyden, Mary
Lydon, Charles
Lydon, Mary Elizabeth
Lydon, Mary Margaret
Lydon, Nuala Christina
Lydon, Peter
Lynch, Bernard
Lynch, Christina
Lynch, Joseph
Lynskey, Patrick Joseph
Lyons, Baby Boy
Lyons, John Patrick


Macklin, Joseph
MacNamara, Peter
Madden, Angela
Madden, Anne
Madden, Bridget Teresa
Madden, Brigid
Madden, Joseph
Madden, Kathleen
Madden, Michael
Madden, Patrick
Mahady, Baby Boy
Maher, Joseph
Mahon, Mary
Mahoney, Josephine
Malone, John Francis
Malone, Peter
Maloney, Mary
Maloney, Patrick Joseph
Mannion, Anthony
Mannion, James
Mannion, Martin
Mannion, Michael
Marron, Agnes
Maye, Baby Girl
McAndrew, Annie
McCann, Elizabeth Ann
McCann, John Joseph
McCann, Norah
McCarron, Annie
McCormack, Nora
McCormick, Mary Patricia
McDoell, William
McDonagh, Barbara
McDonagh, Margaret
McDonagh, Mary Ann
McDonagh, Mary Barbara
McDonagh, Mary Josephine
McDonagh, Thomas
McDonnell, Ann Josephine
McDonnell, Anthony
McDonnell, Baby Girl
McDonnell, Baby Girl
McDonnell, James
McDonnell, Joseph Francis
McDonnell, Mary
McEvady, Mary
McGowan, Edward
McGrath, Martin
McGrath, Michael
McGreal, Brendan
McGuinness, Martin
McHugh, Andrew
McHugh, Bridget
McHugh, Bridget Frances
McHugh, Catherine
McIntyre, James
McKeighe, Patrick
McKeigue, Mary Ellen
McKenna, Michael Patrick
McLoughlin, Hubert
McLoughlin, Margaret Rose
McLoughlin, Mary
McLoughlin, Patrick
McLynskey, Martin Oliver
McMullan, Teresa
McNamara, Baby Girl
McNamee, Margaret Mary
McNulty, Colm Alphonsus
McQuaid, Thomas
McTigue, Brigid
McTigue, Maud
McTigue, Winifred
McWilliams, Joseph
Mee, Michael
Meehan, Catherine Ann
Meeneghan, Mary
Mills, John Joseph
Mitchell, Patrick Anthony
Molloy, Laurence
Molloy, Thomas
Molloy, Vincent
Moloney, Margaret Mary
Moloney, Mary
Monaghan, Henry
Monaghan, Kathleen
Monaghan, Mary
Monaghan, Michael
Monaghan, Michael
Monaghan, Michael
Monaghan, Patrick Joseph
Moore, Kate Agnes
Moran, Bridgid
Moran, Martin
Moran, Mary Philomena
Moran, Nora
Moran, Patrick
Morley, Nicholas Patrick
Morris, Paul
Morris, Peter
Mountgomery, Ellen
Moylan, Carmel
Mulchrone, Joseph
Mulchrone, Mary Josephine
Muldoon, Brendan
Muldoon, Bridget Pauline
Muldoon, Dermott
Muldoon, James
Mulkerins, Mary
Mulkerins, Baby Girl
Mullaney, Patrick
Mullarkey, Peter
Mullen, John
Mulligan, Mary
Mullins, Margaret
Mullins, Mary
Mulryan, James
Mulryan, Marian Brigid
Munnelly, Edward
Munnelly, Patrick
Murphy, Bridget
Murphy, Elizabeth
Murphy, John Anthony
Murphy, John Joseph
Murphy, Julia
Murphy, Martin
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary Margaret
Murphy, Noel Christopher
Murphy, Nora
Murphy, Patrick Joseph
Murphy, Rose Marie
Murphy, Thomas
Murray, Baby Boy
Murray, Baby Girl
Murray, James
Murray, James
Murray, Kathleen
Murray, Mary Teresa


Nally, Austin
Nally, Joseph
Nash, Peter Paul
Naughton, Patrick
Nealon, Mary
Neary, John
Nee, Mary
Nee, Paul Henry
Nelly, Vincent
Nevin, Ellen
Nevin, Patrick Joseph
Nevin, Patrick Joseph
Niland, Margaret
Noonan, Thomas Joseph
Noone, Finbar
Noone, John Francis


O’Boyle, Joseph
O’Boyle, Terence
O’Brien, Baby Boy
O’Brien, John
O’Brien, Joseph
O’Brien, Martin Joseph
O’Brien, Mary
O’Brien, Mary Philomena
O’Brien, Mary Teresa
O’Brien, Peter
O’Brien, Teresa Frances
O’Connell, John Francis
O’Connell, Patrick
O’Connor, Annie
O’Connor, Mary Margaret
O’Connor, Sheila
O’Donnell, Patrick
O’Donnell, Patrick Aiden
O’Donoghue, Annie
O’Dowd, Rose
O’Gara, Margaret Mary
O’Grady, John Francis
O’Grady, Sabina Pauline
O’Hagan, Josephine
O’Hara, Anne Kate
O’Hara, Mary Frances
O’Loughlin, Coleman
O’Loughlin, Mary
O’Malley, Brian
O’Malley, Edward
O’Malley, Geraldine
O’Malley, Mary
O’Malley, Patrick
O’Reilly, Bernadette
O’Reilly, Brigid
O’Reilly, Mary
O’Reilly, Mary Kate
O’Toole, Anthony
O’Toole, Austin
O’Toole, John
O’Toole, Michael
O’Toole, Stephen Laurence


Parkinson, Kathleen
Paterson, Patrick
Patton, John
Pender, Brendan Patrick
Prendergast, Patrick
Purcell, Bernadette


Qualter, Patrick
Quilan, Mary
Quinn, Baby Girl
Quinn, Bridget
Quinn, Bridget Josephine
Quinn, Christina
Quinn, Eileen
Quinn, James
Quinn, Kathleen
Quinn, Michael
Quinn, Patrick Joseph


Rabbitt, Martin
Rafferty, Mary Christina
Raftery, Patrick
Raftery, Richard
Reilly, Annie
Reilly, Martin
Reilly, Oliver
Reilly, William
Reilly, William
Rice, Michael John
Rice, Patrick Joseph
Richardson, Francis
Riddell, Mary Margaret
Ridge, Peter
Roache, Baby Boy
Roache, Baby Girl
Roche, Anthony
Rock, Mary Anne
Rockford, John
Rogers, James Patrick
Roughneen, Annie
Roughneen, Annie
Ruane, Anne
Ruane, Mary Kate
Ruane, Patrick
Ruane, Patrick Joseph
Ryan, Bridgid
Ryan, James
Ryan, Margaret
Ryan, Michael
Ryan, Michael Francis


Scanlon, Margaret
Scully, Michael
Shaughnessy, Julia
Shaughnessy, Martin
Shaughnessy, Mary
Shaughnessy, Mary Christina
Sheridan, Margaret Patricia
Sheridan, Martin
Sheridan, Mary Kate
Sheridan, Michael Francis
Shiels, Michael Joseph
Shiels, Patrick
Slattery, Noel
Solan, Annie
Spelman, Joseph
Spelman, Margaret
Spelman, Margaret
Stankard, Annie
Staunton, Bridget
Staunton, Josephine
Staunton, Josephine
Staunton, Josephine Teresa
Steed, Josephine
Sullivan, Annie
Sullivan, Festus
Sullivan, Mary Teresa
Sweeney, Joseph


Tarpey, Teresa
Taylor, Kathleen Frances
Thornton, Jarlath
Thornton, Nora
Tierney, Josephine
Tighe, Winifred
Timlin, Gerald Aidan
Timlin, Martin
Togher, Mary Patricia
Tully, Catherine
Tully, Daniel
Tuohy, Sheila



Veale, Mary Philomena


Wade, Mary
Waldron, Mary Ellen
Walsh, Baby Boy
Walsh, Bridget
Walsh, Christy
Walsh, Francis
Walsh, Helena
Walsh, John
Walsh, Josephine
Walsh, Margaret
Walsh, Mary
Walsh, Mary
Walsh, Mary
Walsh, Mary Anne
Walsh, Mary Kate
Walsh, Mary Kate
Walsh, Mary Philomena
Walsh, Michael John
Walsh, Patrick Joseph
Walsh, Thomas
Walsh, Thomas
Walsh, Thomas
Walsh, William
Ward, Joseph
Ward, Luke
Warde, Mary
Warde, Mary
Warren, Patrick
White, Bridget
Williams, Christopher
Williams, Michael
Williams, Patrick Joseph