Bessborough / Bessboro House

Thanks to reporters Donal O’Keeffe & Alison O’Reilly who had compiled the list of Bessborough infants names and shared a copy of it with Project Infant. The list of infants names had previously appeared on the front page of the Irish Examiner on Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.

NOTE: Abbrieviated unlinked names are those who have died after 1973 – the current year that death entries are accessible for. As the years go on, more info will become available leading to the creation of the unlinked entries.


Abbott, William
Ahern, Anne
Aherne, John
Aherne, Mary
Allen, Augustine
Allen, John
Anthony, Bridget Mark
Atkinson, Maura
Avons, Philomena


B, Anne Maria
B, Baby
B, Baby
B, David
B, Leona
B, Zoei
Bailey, James
Barnwell, Patricia
Barrett, Anthony
Barrett, Ellen
Barrett, Laurence
Barrett, Veronica
Barry, Anthony
Barry, Elizabeth
Barry, James
Barry, Mary
Barry, Mary
Barry, Mary
Barry, Mary
Barry, Patricia
Barry, Philomena
Barry, Richard
Barry, Teresa
Barry, Thomas
Barry, Thomas
Beausang, John
Beausang, Martin
Bohan, Francis
Boland, Mary
Boland, Margaret
Bonus, Joseph
Booth, Joseph
Bowles, Brigid
Brackett, Kathleen
Breen, Anne
Brennan, Josephine M.
Brosnan, Joseph
Brown, Ann
Browne, Brigid
Browne, Mary Teresa
Browne, James
Buckley, Brendan
Buckley, Johanna
Buckley, John
Burke, Anthony
Burke, Ellen
Burns, May Frances
Byrne, Monica


C, Anthony
C, Baby
C, Baby Boy
C, Michael
Cagney, Dominic
Cahill, Anthony
Cahill, Brendan
Cahill, Teresa
Calnan, Ellen
Calnan, John
Campion, Mary
Canavan, Declan
Canty, Mary Elizabeth
Carroll, Denis
Carroll, Joseph
Casey, Jeremiah
Casey, Marie
Casey, Peter
Cashel, Mary Teresa
Cashman, Joseph
Cashman, Mary
Cashman, Veronica
Cassin, Joseph
Caulfield, Margaret
Christopher, Peter
Clair, Josephine Patricia
Clancy, Patrick
Clarke, Elizabeth
Clarke, Michelle
Clerkin, Michael
Cody, Joseph
Coffey, Josephine
Coffey, Michael
Coffey, Teresa
Cogan, Catherine
Cogan, Michael
Coleman, Daniel
Coleman, Kathleen
Coleman, Patrick
Collins, Bartholomew
Collins, John
Collins, Kathleen
Collins, Thomas
Comerford, James
Condon, Anne
Condon, John
Condon, Michael
Connell, Martin P.
Connolly, Kevin
Connolly, Mary
Connors, Mary
Coone, Mary Teresa
Cooney, Thomas
Corbert, Teresa
Corbett, Teresa
Corcoran, Dympna
Corcoran, Jerome
Corry, Veronica
Costello, Phyllis
Coughlan, John
Coughlan, Mary
Coughlan, Michael
Cournane, Eileen
Cox, Baby Boy
Creed, Mary
Creedon, Anthony Joseph
Creedon, Donald
Creedon, Geraldine
Creedon, Joseph
Creedon, Patrick
Cronin, Helen
Cronin, Joseph
Cronin, Kate
Cronin, Mary
Cronin, Mary
Cronin, Michael
Cronin, Nora
Crowe, Mary
Crowe, Mary
Crowley, Francis
Crowley, James
Crowley, Joseph Andre
Crowley, Patricia
Crowley, Patrick
Cuffe, Paul
Cullinane, Pauline
Cummins, James
Cunningham, Mary Bridget
Cunningham, Philip
Curran, Brigid
Curran, Monica
Curran, Teresa
Curtin, Brigid
Curtin, Margaret
Curtin, Patrick


D, Denis John
Dalton, Kevin
Daly, Helen
Daly, Mary
Daly, Mary
Daly, Michael
Daly, Philomena
Danaher, Brigid
Darcy, Mary
Darnell, David John
Dawn, Martha
Deasy, Martin
Deasy, Michael
Dee, Anne
Delaney, Joseph Mary
Dempsey, Catherine
Dempsey, Teresa
Deneffe, Kathleen
Denneffe, Rose
Dennehy, Stephen
Desmond, Anne
Desmond, Kieran
Devlin, Mary Teresa
Dineen, Mary
Doherty, Peter
Dollard, Angela
Donnelly, Esther
Donovan, Brigid
Donovan, Enda
Donovan, John
Donovan, Mary
Donovan, Michael
Donovan, Patrick Joseph
Donovan, Philip
Donovan, Thomas
Donovan, William
Doody, Nora
Doody, Nora
Doolaghty, Baby Girl
Dowd, George
Doyle, Denis
Doyle, Mary
Doyle, Richard
Doyle, Robert
Drake, Joseph
Driscoll, Catherine
Driscoll, John
Dromey, John
Duggan, Mary
Duke, Aidan
Dunleavy, Anne
Dunne, Ann Marie
Dunne, Marie
Dunscombe, George
Dwan, John
Dwyer, Catherine
Dwyer, Thomas


Egan, Anne
Egan, Francis
Egan, William
Enright, Anthony
Enright, Michael
Eustace, Charles


F, Baby
F, John
F, Maurice
Farmer, Margaret
Farrissey, Daniel
Fennell, Mary Ann
Fennelly, Anthony
Fenton, Patrick
Fielding, Peter
Finn, Ann Veronica
Finn, Daniel
Finn, Finbarr
Finn, James
Finn, John
Finn, Vincent Joseph
Fisher, Joseph
Fisher, Patrick
Fitzgerald, Helen
Fitzgerald, John Joseph
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzgerald, Mary
Fitzgerald, Maurice
Fitzpatrick, Gerard Majella
Fitzpatrick, Sean
Flaherty, Michael
Flaherty, Richard
Flanagan, Kathleen
Fleming, John
Fleming, Joseph
Flynn, Anne
Flynn, Anne
Flynn, Margaret
Flynn, Mary
Flynn, Mary
Flynn, Patrick
Fogarty, Anne
Fogarty, Anthony
Fogarty, Colum
Fogarty, Michael
Foley, Christopher
Foley, Malachy
Frawley, Catherine
Frawley, Monica P.


G, John Kevin
Gaffney, Maureen
Gallagher, John
Gallagher, Magdaline
Galvin, John
Gavigan, Brian Anthony
Geary, Margaret
Geary, Michael
Geoghegan, Joseph
Gibbon, Mary
Gleason, Philip
Gleeson, John
Gleeson, Patrick
Gleeson, William
Godsell, Jeremiah
Gorman, Brigid
Gould, Bernadette
Grace, John
Grace, Joseph
Grady, Bridget
Green, Michael Joseph
Green, Monica
Griffin, Anne
Griffin, Brigid
Griffin, Joseph
Griffin, Patrick Joseph
Grogan, Hannah
Guerin, Gerard Martin


H, Dominic Henry
Haberlin, Thomas
Hallahan, Denis
Hallahan, Mary Teresa
Hallinan, Paul
Halloran, Anne
Halloran, Denis
Hanley, Dympna
Hannigan, Christopher
Harrington, John
Harrington, Patrick
Hartnett, Adrian
Hartnett, Martin
Hartnett, Michael
Harty, Celene
Hassett, Thomas
Haugh, John Francis
Hayes, Francis
Hayes, John
Hayes, John
Hayes, Liam
Hayes, Mary
Hayes, Noel
Healy, Catherine
Healy, Mary
Healy, Maurice
Healy, Michael
Healy, Michael Christopher
Healy, Phillip
Healy, Robert
Heffernan, Mary
Henebrey, Bernard
Hennessy, Anthony
Hennessy, Joseph
Hennessy, Maurice
Herlihy, Kate
Hickey, Joseph
Hickey, Robert
Higginbotham, James Patrick
Higgins, Coleman
Higgins, Ita
Higgins, Thomas
Hogan, John
Hogan, Mary
Hogan, Mary
Hogan, William
Holden, Ann
Holden, Michael
Holland, Norah
Hope, Bridget
Horgan, Joseph
Horgan, Josephine
Horgan, Irene
Houlihan, Anne
Houlihan, Paul
Hourigan, Joseph
Howard, Eugene
Howard, Kevin
Howard, Mary
Howard, Peter
Howe, Joan
Howlett, Philomena
Howlin, Mary
Hurley, Audrey Mary
Hurley, Michael Finbarr
Hurley, Sylvester
Hurley, Teresa
Hynes, Margaret


Ivers, Edward


Jeffers, John
Johnson, Declan
Joyce, Bridget


K, Baby
K, Barry
Kealy, Olive
Keane, Mary
Keane, Teresa
Kearney, Joseph
Kelleher, Carmel
Kelleher, Kevin
Kelleher, Margaret
Kelleher, Mary
Kelleher, Maurice
Kelly, Agnes
Kelly, Dominic
Kelly, Francis
Kelly, John
Kelly, Margaret
Kelly, Mary
Kelly, Oliver
Kelly, Philomena
Kelly, Richard John
Kelly, Seán Anthony
Kelly, Teresa
Keniry, Patrick
Kenneally, Catherine
Kenneally, Patrick Joseph
Kenneally, Richard
Kennedy, Francis Gabriel
Kennedy, Mary Teresa
Keohane, Anthony
Keohane, Mary Carmel
Kerins, Mary
Kiely, Catherine
Kiely, Christina
Kiely, Gerard
Kiely, Thomas
Kiely, William Patrick
Kiernan, Thomas Joseph
King, James
Kingston, Anthony
Kirby, Hannah
Kirby, Olive
Kirwan, Patrick
Kivlehan, Mary Philomena


Lancaster, Anthony
Larkin, Patrick
Leahy, David
Leane, James
Ledwith, Miriam
Lee, David
Lehane, Christina
Lehane, Finbarr
Lehane, Marion
Lehane, Mary
Lenihan, Patrick
Lennon, Kieran
Lennon, Mary
Lettic, Michael
Liston, Emily
Lombard, Philomena
Long, John
Looney, Mary
Lorton, Joan
Lowney, Anne Marie
Lucey, Mary
Lusk, Mary T.
Lynam, Joseph
Lynch, Albert
Lynch, Catherine
Lynch, Margaret
Lynch, Margaret
Lynch, Martha
Lynch, Mary
Lynch, Mary Philomena
Lyne, Christopher
Lynn, Baby Boy
Lyons, Patrick Joseph


M, Fergal
M, Gerard
M, Mary Teresa
M, Paula
Mackay, Anthony
Madden, Doreen
Madle, Mary
Maher, Joan
Maher, Joseph
Maher, Josephine
Mahony, Andrew
Mahony, David
Mahony, Felix
Mahony, James
Mahony, John
Mahony, Juliana
Mahony, Mary
Mahony, Patrick
Mahony, Teresa
Maloney, Christopher
Mangan, Anne Marie
Mansel, Patrick
Martin, Mary
Masterson, Brendan
Masterson, Christopher
Masterson, Noel
McCabe, Baby Boy
McCann, Pauline
McCarthy, Anthony
McCarthy, Catherine
McCarthy, Christopher
McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Denis
McCarthy, Elizabeth
McCarthy, Gertrude
McCarthy, Jeremiah
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Mary
McCarthy, Matthew
McCarthy, Matthew
McCarthy, Michael
McCarthy, Michael
McCarthy, Patrick
McCarthy, Peter
McCarthy, Peter
McCarthy, Peter
McCarthy, Thomas
McCarthy, Vincent
McDonald, Percy
McDonnell, Philomena
McGarry, Mary
McGarry, Patricia
McGillacuddy, Kevin
McGrane, Mary
McGrath, Cyril
McGrath, Kevin
McGrath, Margaret
McGrath, Mary Christina
McGrath, Norah
McGrath, Philip
McGuire, Mary Ellen
McInerney, Philomena
McMahon, Maria
McNamara, Margaret
Meade, William
Meagher, Rose Mary
Meara, Anthony
Meehan, James
Meehan, Josephine
Mills, Patrick
Minihan, Paschal
Minihane, Antonio
Minihane, Kevin
Minihane, Mary
Mockler, Mary
Moloney, Patrick Joseph
Monaghan, John
Mooney, Helen
Moore, Josephine
Moore, Mary
Moynihan, Margaret
Moynihan, Patricia Mary
Mullane, Abina
Mulholland, John
Mulligan, Michael
Mullins, Anne
Mullins, Patrick
Mulqueen, Denis Martin
Murphy, Agnes
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Catherine
Murphy, Christopher
Murphy, Donald
Murphy, Elizabeth
Murphy, James
Murphy, Januara
Murphy, Jeremiah
Murphy, John
Murphy, John
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Julia
Murphy, Martin
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, Rita
Murphy, Thomas
Murray, Monica


Nagle, Matthias
Nagle, Thomas
Nash, Bernard
Nash, Philomena
Neenan, Brendan Joseph
Neenan, James
Neligan, Patricia
Neville, Madeline
Newman, Finbar
Nolan, Martha
Nolan, Thomas
Noonan, Nora
Norris, Declan
Nugent, Mary
Nyhan, Patrick


O’, Baby
O’, Fionnuala Mary
O’, Finbarr
O’, Mary
O’, Peter Anthony
O’Brien, Anne
O’Brien, Anne
O’Brien, Ann Rose
O’Brien, Annie
O’Brien, Gertrude
O’Brien, Joseph
O’Brien, Joseph Anthony
O’Brien, Kevin
O’Brien, Louis
O’Brien, Margaret
O’Brien, Mary
O’Brien, Mary
O’Brien, Peter
O’Brien, Teresa
O’Callaghan, John
O’Callaghan, John Oliver
O’Callaghan, Patrick Joseph
O’Callaghan, Peter
O’Callaghan, Peter
O’Callaghan, Stephen
O’Callaghan, Timothy
O’Connell, Barbara
O’Connell, Brigid
O’Connell, Josephine
O’Connell, Patrick
O’Connell, Raphael
O’Connor, Christina
O’Connor, Daniel
O’Connor, Daniel
O’Connor, Francis
O’Connor, Gerard
O’Connor, John
O’Connor, John
O’Connor, Margaret
O’Connor, Margaret
O’Connor, Mary
O’Connor, Mary
O’Connor, Mary Brigid
O’Connor, Olive
O’Connor, William
O’Donnell, Oliver
O’Donnell, Patrick
O’Donnell, Thomas
O’Donoghue, Ellen
O’Donoghue, Michael
O’Donovan, Anne
O’Donovan, Bernard
O’Donovan, Donal Anthony
O’Driscoll, Eda
O’Driscoll, Eilish
O’Driscoll, John
O’Dwyer, Joseph
O’Farrell, Martin
O’Gorman, Evelyn
O’Halloran, Ann
O’Halloran, Frances
O’Halloran, Michael
O’Halloran, Patricia
O’Hanrahan, Patrick
O’Keeffe, Annie
O’Keeffe, Gerard
O’Keeffe, Mary
O’Keeffe, Mary
O’Keeffe, Michael
O’Keeffe, Michael
O’Keeffe, Michael
O’Keeffe, Patricia Josephine
O’Keeffe, Philip Paul
O’Kelly, Joseph
O’Leary, Albert
O’Leary, Anne
O’Leary, John
O’Leary, John Martin
O’Leary, Mary
O’Leary, Nellie
O’Leary, Patrick
O’Leary, Timothy
O’Mahony, Bernadette
O’Mahony, Christopher
O’Mahony, Joseph
O’Mahony, Joseph John
O’Mahony, Mary
O’Mahony, Mary Nora
O’Mahony, Nellie Mary
O’Mahony, Patrick
O’Mahony, Patrick
O’Mahony, Richard
O’Mara, Patrick
O’Neill, Bernadette
O’Neill, David
O’Neill, Denis
O’Neill, Mary
O’Neill, Raymond
O’Neill, Rita
O’Neill, Rosarie
O’Regan, George
O’Regan, Margaret
O’Regan, Thomas
O’Reilly, Eileen
O’Reilly, Teresa
O’Riordan, Francis
O’Rourke, Patrick
O’Shaughnessy, Kathleen
O’Shea, Andrew
O’Shea, Brigid
O’Shea, Joseph
O’Shea, Rita
O’Sullivan, Catherine
O’Sullivan, Denis
O’Sullivan, Edward
O’Sullivan, George
O’Sullivan, Joan
O’Sullivan, John
O’Sullivan, Kathleen
O’Sullivan, Margaret
O’Sullivan, Mary Brigid
O’Sullivan, Patrick
O’Sullivan, Thomas


Page, Patrick
Paul, Ann
Phelan, Elizabeth
Phelan, John
Phelan, Margaret
Pigott, Carmel
Power, David
Power, Joan
Power, Josephine
Power, Mary
Power, Mary Bridget
Power, Patricia
Power, Philomena
Power, Stephen
Purcell, Joseph
Pyne, Philomena


Quinn, Michael
Quinn, Teresa


Regan, Augustine
Reid, Michael
Reidy, Agnes
Reidy, Joseph
Reidy, Mary
Reilly, Mary
Relihan, Anthony
Reville, Margaret
Ring, Gerard Anthony
Ring, Patrick
Riordan, Anthony J.
Riordan, Brendan
Riordan, Francis
Riordan, Margaret
Riordan, Michael
Riordan, Patrick Anthony
Riordan, Rita
Riordan, Timothy
Roche, Patrick
Rohane, Catherine
Rossiter, Patrick
Ryan, Anthony
Ryan, Bridget
Ryan, John
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Mary
Ryan, Noel
Ryan, Vincent


S, Kathy
Salter, Richard
Santary, Patrick
Scanlan, Teresa
Scannell, John
Scannell, Patrick
Shannon, Brigid
Shea, Mary
Shea, Michael
Shea, Michael
Sheehan, Vincent
Sherlock, Anne
Simcox, Josephine
Sisk, Harold
Skehan, John
Slattery, Catherine
Slaven, George
Slyne, Anne
Slyne, Fanahan
Smith, Noel
Smyth, John
Spillane, James
Spillane, Patricia
Stack, Mary Brigid
Stapleton, Mary
Statham, Margaret Mary
Strange, Rose
Sullivan, Anne
Sullivan, Elizabeth
Sullivan, James
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, John
Sullivan, Joseph Kieran
Sullivan, Josephine
Sullivan, Kathleen
Sullivan, Margaret
Sullivan, Monica
Sullivan, Patrick
Sullivan, Winifred
Swanton, John
Sweetman, Andrew


T, Christopher
Teehan, Sheila
Thompson, Michael
Tibbs, Aidan
Tighe, Madeline
Tobin, Catherine
Tobin, Kathleen
Tobin, Richard
Toye, Bernadette
Twomey, Rita
Tyrrell, Annie


Upton, John


Vousden, Anne


W, Stephen J.
Wall, Laurence
Wall, Seán Patrick
Wallace, John
Walsh, Agatha
Walsh, Cornelius
Walsh, Eileen
Walsh, Elizabeth
Walsh, Ellen
Walsh, Gerald
Walsh, James
Walsh, John
Walsh, Josephine
Walsh, Kathleen
Walsh, Margaret
Walsh, Mary Brigid
Walsh, Mary
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Patrick
Walsh, Peter
Walsh, Rita
Walsh, Thomas
Walsh, William Gerard
Walshe, Agatha
Ward, James
Whelan, Michael
White, Rosemary
Winsley, Rita
Winters, Bernadette
Wright, Christopher